Wolf & Bear Summer 2017 Tour by Eric Molyneaux

I spent most of June this year on the road with my friends in Wolf&Bear, documenting the tour along the way. It started in California, then went to Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, then back to California.  Was an awesome few weeks meeting lot of new people along the way, and lot of fun long drives in the van.
Hope to do lot more tours in the future, specially since I picked up the 16-35mm Zeiss wide angle lens along with a 3 axis stabilizer for video stuff :). Majority of this tour was just shot on my Zeiss 55mm, while it's an amazing lens, the wide angle just looks so much better in most venues.

We had a good amount of downtime some days so we usually tried to find cool little places to just chill and hangout at like this skatepark, where we did some impromptu group shots.  When we were in Colorado we got to stay at a friends house and they showed us around to a few cool spots (Wish i took more photos while wondering around town). But we did get to hike around a little bit and see some awesome views.

Here's a slideshow of some of the other photos from the tour.